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I tried some on-screen rulers, none of them help me measure the UI element quickly based on the Redline. So I decided to create this handy RedRuler tool for RedLine.

It’s a simple EXE file and just depends on .Net framework 2.0. The way of using it is very intuitive, you just resize it and measure the element size or space in your web page or application.

How to use

It's a standalone exe file. After clicking the RedRuler.exe, you get a resizable transparent red rectangle with a "InfoPanel" windows.


You can resize the red rectangle to specific size and measure UI element in you web site or application



  1. You can move the rectangle by using the key board "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right" key pixel by pixel
  2. This rectangle and InfoPanel are always on top.
  3. Most time, you can grip the border of rectangle and resize it directly, you do not need the InfoPanel
  4. There is context menu when you right click the rectangle


Supported System:

  • For Windows XP, you need to install .NET Framework 2.0 +
  • For Windows Vesta, Windows 7, Windows 8, it's supported by default

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